Dateline Computers Backups

Data backups      

Do you have mission critical data that you want to keep safe. Making a backup of your computer files is one of the most important functions that you'll ever ask your computer to do. The trouble is, that for nine out of ten users the only time this function will be tested is when the unthinkable happens and a backup is actually required.

Our technicians can advise on and install the most reliable backup equipment to suit your needs. Ranging from USB Flash Drives to Large External Hard Drive, Dateline Computers technicians can help install the appropriate hardware and show you how to use it. 

USB Flash Drive - The Flash drive is an ideal solution for smaller backups of files, and can easily be carried from machine to machine. While a Flash drive is not intended as a substitute for a good backup, often it is all that smaller users require. 


External Hard Drives - We can Setup / install External Hard Drives to perform large data backups for archival. External drives delivers value, performance and reliability for servers, workstations and networks.