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Security installation      
Are you running a wireless network? Have you enabled security to stop intruders from getting into your network? Do you require Internet security software to shield you from the internet? If you answered yes to any of these questions then give Dateline Computers a call today.
Most people don't give security a thought when using their computers. Credit card and banking details are there for the taking and are taken everyday. 
Firewall Software - Firewall's are an essential tool in guarding your PC from the nasties on the internet. They not only block hackers and unauthorised programs from gaining access to your computer but also stop annoying popup's and obtrusive advertisements. 
Restricted disk access - Did you know that if you are using windows NT, 2000 or XP you can restrict access to certain folders on your computer. This is very useful if you share your computer with another user. Locking folders stops everybody else using your PC from gaining private data. 


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Safe Surfing      

Do you have kids surfing the internet unsupervised. Are you worried about what they might be seeing. Well worry no more, Dateline Computers can secure the internet for you blocking all the nasties that your kids might come across.

Our technicians can advise on and install the most reliable internet security software ranging from Firewall's to keep out those nasty hackers and security monitors so you can see what your kids have been up to as well as show you how to use it. 

Dateline Computers only supply products which are innovative and effective software tools that help parents protect children who go online. Unlike other parental control programs, Symantec products are designed to support parental supervision while respecting personal values and beliefs. 

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